Multiple Intelligence Theory

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July 9, 2021
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September 30, 2021

Every individual has a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it. There is something no one in the world can do better than you. There is unique need also available for every unique talent and unique expression of that talent. When these needs are matched with creative appearance of your talents that create profusion in your life.

There are different types of intelligence existing in the world. That can be understand by multiple intelligent theory presented by Howard Gardner in 1983.

There are nine types of intelligence suggested by Prof. Gardner, which is as follows

  1. Verbal linguistic Intelligence: The ability of an individual to interpret and express the world and language is fall under the verbal linguistic intelligence. The interpretation and expression of idea and information can perform viva language. They have good hold on language, reading, writing and speaking.

Profession for Verbal linguistic Intelligence: Writer, Poet, Editor, Layer, Journalist, Publish Speaker, Translator, PR Consultant, Voice over artist etc

2. Logical Mathematics Intelligence: A person gifted with logical mathematics intelligence has excellent in logical thinking, scientific reasoning, detection pattern and mathematical calculation. Also ability to understand relation between cause and effect toward outcomes.

Profession for Logical Mathematics Intelligence: Scientist, Engineer, Accountant, Statistician, Researchers, Analyst, Banker, Deal maker etc.

3. Intra Personal Intelligence: The ability to understand one’s own thoughts is known as Intra personal is known as Intra Personal Intelligent. A person equipped with intra personal intelligent has self-awareness, personal cognizance. Also has ability to understand oneself, one’s relation to others and world.

Profession for Intra Personal Intelligence: Innovator and Entrepreneu

4. Inter Personal Intelligence: The ability to perception of other peoples and relate the feeling to others. Interpretation of behavior and understand the relationship.

Profession for Inter Personal Intelligence: Leader, Therapist, Counselor, Educator, Mentor, Psychologist etc.

5. Spatial Visual Intelligence: The ability to visual and spatial perception, interpretation and creation of images and pictorial Imagination. Also ability to understand relation between images and its meaning.

Profession for Spatial Visual Intelligence:Artist, Cartoonist, Architect, Photographer, Sculpture, town planer, Engineer, Investor etc.

6. Body Kinesthetic Intelligence: The ability to body moment and control, physical agility and coordination in eyes and body.

Profession for Body Kinesthetic Intelligence: Actor, Dancer, Sport persons, Adventurer Artist etc.Music Intelligence:

7. The ability to recognize sound and rhythmic patterns. These people are able to extricate exceptionally between specific tones pitches and rhythms than others peoples.

Profession for Music Intelligence: Musician, Singer, Composer, Music producer, Acoustic Engineer, Entertainer etc.

8. Naturalist Intelligence: A person has sensitivity toward the natural world and great bonding along with the nature. The ability to distinguish living and non-living things were value in the past when human were often hunters and farmers.

Profession for Music Intelligence: Botanist and chef

9. Existential Intelligence: The ability to have deep understanding about the meaning of life and human existence is known as Existential Intelligence.

Profession for Existential Intelligence: Mentalist, Psychologist, Meditation expert etc.