The Sage Group As A Part Of The MP Government Initiative, Covid Vaccine Maha Abhiyan

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December 29, 2020
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September 16, 2021
COVID19, a pandemic crisis, has affected us in all means socially to economically. Do you realize your responsibilities to control this situation? Well, one simple rule will help us to protect our society, our nation "Protect Yourself to Protect Others." 22nd June, Monday, was "Covid Vaccine Maha Abhiyan aimed to vaccinate around 1 million people in a single day. In addition, the government has increased the number of covid19 tests and expanded the facilities for vaccination all over India to stop the spread of deadly coronavirus infections. To encourage people, Bhopal, Gwalior, and Indore administrations offer free mobile recharge and lucky draw. The government has set up 7000 covid vaccine centers in MP and provides transportation facilities to senior citizens and specially-abled people. According to the sources, around 21.29 lakh doses of covid vaccine were allocated and still 4.88 lakh in stock.
The government had set up a central control room in Bhopal. In the Bhopal division, 3,75,962 vaccine doses were administered in Bhopal, including eight districts - Betul, Bhopal, Hoshandabad, Raisen, Vidisha, Rajgarh, Sehore, Harda on Vaccination Maha Abhiyan inclined with the International Yoga Day (According to MP Government). Schools, colleges, and universities turned into the vaccination center, and The Sage University Bhopal and Sage International School were also part of the vaccine campaign. We are glad that our infrastructure helped us to run the vaccination campaign for a day very smoothly.
The Sage University and Sage International School have vast campuses to make it possible to maintain social distance and other government guidelines. Around 750 a number of citizens got vaccinated on Monday, supporting the government's cause for a healthy society and a corona-free nation. Furthermore, our team from The Sage Group has supported the staff appointed by the government to smooth the vaccination campaign. The SAGE Group is requesting all the citizens (18 years and above) to get vaccinated as soon as possible because it is very mandatory to stop the coronavirus from spreading more. Now, it's been almost a year, we all are fighting this pandemic situation, and we all want to get it over.
Furthermore, you may have questions in your mind regarding side effects, and all but covid vaccines are safe for you. If you stay healthy and follow the government's guidelines like social distancing and sanitization, you are a hero; you are securing society. So, if not vaccinated yet, get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible. Visit the nearby Covid Vaccination Centre.