6 Tips to choose a College or University in India

National Education Awards 2019
July 5, 2019


Here are some tips you should keep in mind before finalising a college or university:

Choosing an ideal college or a university is generally assumed a tough task and a lengthy process because the college and the course you settle on ultimately decide your career to a great extent. In a nutshell, we can say that your one decision is most likely to/can decide your future life and profession. Indeed, it is a state of confusion when you are looking for the best college for graduation, after you have just completed your school education and now that one big decision is going to make a difference in your life. Apart from a college or university you choose, what also matters significantly is the reputation even after you have enrolled in a course there. So do not get overexcited and confused, calm yourself and read the article thoroughly, as it reveals some important facts and points that you should keep in mind while searching for an ideal college or university for you.

1. Choose your course of study

Before choosing a college or university, you must be clear about the course, as there are many institutes that take the lead in offering certain courses but fail to impart the same level of education for others. Moreover, it becomes easier to shortlist colleges if you know what your areas of interest are because then only, you will be able to look for colleges that are best in that particular field. Moreover, it is important to give priority to your interests and capabilities and then decide on the course; do not follow other students because only you know what you can do for your future life. For example, if you are in M.P. and are in search of a university, which offers a variety of courses, then it is worth mentioning that The SAGE University Indore is the ticket for you. The SAGE University is among the top M.P. universities that facilitate you to choose from a variety of courses and amenities. Your goal will determine your path, which is to attain the right type of college degree for the right field.

2. Affordability

Here is a big question, which is hard to face but essential to answer. Not every college is within your budget or you cannot afford its fees. It is a bitter truth that good education in India is quite expensive, so this point is a must to keep in mind while choosing a college or a university for you. No matter what your goals and finances look like, make sure you talk to financial aid counselors at the colleges and universities you are considering. Although it is good to choose a college that falls within your budget yet don’t give up right away if the price seems too high. In M.P., there are many leading colleges and universities, which offer quality education on a shoestring. One such best university is Sagar Group of Institutions, which not only includes 5 engineering colleges but also has the best MBA institute in Bhopal. Apart from that, the 3 engineering colleges are counted as the best ones in MP. On the other hand, if you want to enroll in an expensive college, then there are plenty of ways to get a little more scholarship money if your dream college or university is just financially hard to be afforded. If a college or university takes interest in enrolling you after taking a look at your records and results, they might be willing to adjust your financial aid to match what was offered to you by other schools.

3.Location Matters

If you are stuck deciding between various colleges, then it is good to decide the same on the basis of location, because directly or indirectly, the concern matters significantly. On the other hand, if you are willing to migrate, then you have to deal with the city and the people, so think carefully and do not settle for any compromises. Undoubtedly, Madhya Pradesh is considered as an ideal state to live in, and nowadays, it is rapidly emerging as the leading educational hub. If we talk MP into account, then indeed SAGE University is the best university. It is situated on hills and surrounded by the lush gardens. Also, it has a big campus where over 16000 students are currently studying. Whether you envision yourself in a college town, large campus, or somewhere with no clear campus at all, you have to consider where you want to spend your leisure time, and in what environment you want to live. Being away from home can be exciting but considering a college or university from the point of 360-degree research is vital.

4. Reputation

Here the reputation means the college or university you are going to choose must be a prominent one and have has a good reputation; after all, it is going to be highlighted in your resume for the entire life. With this in mind, choosing a reputable college or university must be your top priority. It is a big deal to study from a reputed college and shine as the student of that college. When talking about engineering colleges, then it is worth mentioning that SIRT group of colleges in MP is among the most reputable one. Its institutes have a sound reputation and that is why the institute is reckoned as the top engineering college in MP. Moreover, if you are spending your money only to attain a degree, what significance does it carry if no one recognizes it? Therefore, suffice to say, considering the name and prestige of a college/university is a very important step to be taken always.

5. What besides Education?

Although a good education is the most important criteria for selecting any college or university, certain other things also make sense and matter substantially. For example, if the college or university fails to offer good amenities and a comfortable life on the campus, then it is not worthy to seek admission in that college. The quality of campus life and the type of extracurricular activities offered on the campus are very important. When talking about the extracurricular activities and amenities, then SIRT group of colleges are considered the best not only in Bhopal but also in the entire M.P. because of the cultural events they offer. For example, Sagar Utsav, an annual cultural and sports fest organised at the SIRT, fills students with enthusiasm.

6. Job Placement Rates

The number and the rate of placement of students is also a vital point to be considered while choosing a college or a university. It is a benchmark that if the college is able to give over 80% placement, then it is counted as a good college. Do not settle on this point because colleges are one of the main leads to grab any job. Some colleges and universities have an active alumni network. They use their network to invite the companies for placement and some other colleges have a direct link with the organisation which offers jobs to students. For example, The SIRT group of colleges Bhopal makes the best placement to its students. While providing education in Engineering, Pharmacy and Management, the top colleges in Madhya Pradesh deliver a high rate of placement.