What is the Difference Between Desire and Need?

Why Is It Essential To Organize & Analyze Your Thoughts?
October 25, 2021

What is the Difference Between Desire and Need?


Desire is the fundamental nature of every human being. Human beings have desires, and they should have. Willpower is a word that is derived from desires. Do you know what the absence of desire is? The lack of desire is depression, a great weakness; their willpower decreases for those who have depression. In life, you have desires and needs. If you demand anything, first understand whether it is a desire or a necessity?

Most often, we ​​do some work because of our desires which are not needed. More clothes, more vehicles and more luxury are all desires, not our needs. Wanting unnecessary things becomes a desire! Spend and get what you need. Too much desire brings misery in life. Now the question is how to control desires? Desire is yielded from the mind, so stop offering a diet of thoughts and memories to your mind.


  • To control the desires, control your mind, for which the ten senses should be used properly.
  • Your energy level is high in the morning, so get up with the Sun and take advantage of it and prefer light lunch in the afternoon
  • Lit a Diya near Tulsi in the evening and walk for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Turn off mobile TV, laptop 15 minutes before sleeping at night.